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    LineWeb 1.0.9

    We have finished the latest version of LineWeb. This is a very little update which is mostly containing fixes for a few php notice messages. We descided to make this update since there was a lot of requests for multi database support, so we added that as well. This version lets you use two different databases, one for your Lineage server and the other one for LineWeb.

    We have also changed the UI a little bit to make it look better.

    Other then that, there's not really something new in this version since we thought it'd be just like a fix but also grant your requests about the multi database support.

    Screenshot of the new layout/ui

     [Bạn cần đăng nhập để xem link ! Chưa có tài khoản? Hãy ] 

    //---------------------------Vui lòng không làm phiền. Nếu thực sự có nhu cầu----------------------------//

    PHP | C++ | C# | Projected Developer for MU|VLTK|CABAL|TLBB|SRO...
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